Easy to use SMS 
campaigns - for Health Advisors

Upload leads, design your drip campaign, and handle replies and calls with OnlySales - the only app you need.

Easy to use SMS 
campaigns - for Health Advisors

Upload leads, design your drip campaign, and handle replies and calls with OnlySales - the only app you need.

"OnlySales offers the most user friendly platform on the market right now and has boosted my sales substantially! 2021 sales year = 150K commission, 2022 sales year with OnlySales = $300K+ commission, on to 2023!!! 10/10 recommend!!!"

Justin Taborada
US Health

"This program has not only made job but also my entire life a lot easier. The efficacy and effectiveness is second to none. It is very easy to use. Highly Recommend for anyone looking to run a successful business!"

Jake Raccioppi
US Health - FTA

"Great service and support! It definitely made managing and communicating with leads easy!"

Traver Stefan
US Health

"OnlySales is an extremely clean and responsive CRM that I use on a daily basis. The app is truly superior when it comes to organizing prospects in an efficient manner."

Sam Amato
US Health

Managing your leads doesn't have to be a headache.

OnlySales is the easiest app to use for health advisors! Upload leads, manually or automatic, and handle replies, calls, and track your deals inside of the app.

Manage your deals all in one place

Once your leads respond to your automation, you can reply, use templates, call and receive calls - as well as keep track of your pipeline!

Creating campaigns the simple way

No need for mental math as you create your outbound campaigns. Full control - whether you want your next text to go out in an hour - or in 3 days at 10 AM. Each step follows the previous in sequence.

Adding leads is simple - and even automatic!

Upload leads with a CSV, or automatically, with the Vanillasoft Extension, Marketplace Integration, NextGen, and others!

An organized workplace

No going back and forth - you can tell at a glance new messages, unreads, and every other contact.

Pipeline Management

Keep track of people you’re speaking to, and how far along the process you are - along with how much you’ve quoted them, plan details, etc!

Schedule messages

Need to send a one off message at a specific time? Scheduling is easy - just select a time before sending.

Add leads to your automation slowly

Have a large lead list, but don’t want to message them all at once today? You can set up your workflows to only add a few leads at a time. Now you can upload 10,000 leads - and only message 100 an hour.

Call Recordings

Don’t remember what you mentioned on your last sales call? As long as you have this feature enabled, you can scroll up, and listen to the playback.

Tags and Color Coding

Prefer to organize your work space? You can create tags, and apply them on upload, or whenever! Your contact’s colors in your inbox will reflect the tag you have selected.

Message Templates

Find yourself repeating the same phrases over and over? Set up message templates, and use as a reply with a few clicks!

Time Windows

Worried you might send a message accidentally outside of business hours? You can limit your automations to send only during specific times.

And many other features!

But - we understand every agent runs things slightly different. If you have any request for new features or integrations, you can submit them in app, vote for other’s ideas, and watch as our team builds your request on the next update!

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